OSCP is looking for a driven MS.c or Ph.D. graduate in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics or related fields to join it's core team

Location: Montreal


What you will do at OSCP

  • Apply your theoretical knowledge to solve the problems;
  • Assemble and lead a world-class team;
  • Apply for government grants;
  • Advance the state of practice in your field by filing patents and publishing technical papers;
  • Jumpstart your career in industry.
  • Deep engagement with our partners and clients by participating in meetings, sharing ideas and establishing relationships  


What you need to get this role

  • Hands-on experience working with optical components such as splitters, circulaters, isolators, phase modulators, lasers, detectors, etc...
  • Deep knowledge in micro-optical sensors especially in the field of micro-optical resonators
  • Leadership and strong communication skills; 
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial drive;
  • Sense of initiative and fresh ideas;
  • Willingness to commit and take risks;
  • Tangible technical achievements, which might include relevant work experience, patents, successful projects or publications;
  • Deep knowledge in micro-optics especially in the field of micro-optical sensors;
  • Experience in motion sensors and MEMS is a plus;
  • Industry experience is preferred;
  • Minimum Master degree, Ph.D is preferred;
  • Reside within 100 miles of the city of Montreal;